Tesla Service Center Damages Model 3 in an accident

Tesla needs to have a better process to store cars that they are servicing.  We’ve seen an increase in Teslas involved in accidents DURING service.  Imagine leaving your baby at the Tesla service center only to get a call stating your car was involved in an accident.

Took my model 3 to service to fix rattling noise. Just got a call today someone hit the side as tech was in there pulling out. Tesla said they will get it fixed…But is it acceptable? I mean a fixed car is not the same anymore…I’m speechless

What’s shocking is that another person left a comment stating Tesla did the same to his Model 3 except worse because he was left dealing with the insurance

Check out Spencer’s story.

Tesla Service Center damages another Model 3
Tesla Service Center damages another Model 3

Same thing happened to me while mine was in for service. Supposedly Tesla wasn’t at fault. I ended up having to file a claim with my insurance because the other driver was uninsured and Tesla was clamming no fault.

They were test driving the car investigating some wind noise when another driver hit them. According to the police report the other driver was at fault. However the other driver was uninsured.

Tesla, please revise how cars are stored.  If they need to be tested, please have a space setup to test instead of driving on the road where there can be uninsured drivers.