Tesla service center scratched my Model 3

I had an absolute terrible experience at the Costa Mesa, CA service center.

I dropped it off letting them know that at delivery there were paint issues, the charge port was acting up whenever I washed the car, and the back right door internal panel needed to be replaced.

I went back on Saturday morning to pick up my car. They replaced the charge port, told me they had to have a mobile service come out to me to fix the back right passenger door, and put me on the wait list for paint (#317 on the list).

After picking up my car and taking it home, I realized after walking back to it something was wrong with the driver side paint (stuff that was not there when I dropped it off). Not just the door, but the entire driver side.

Sucks after spending $60k on a car that their service center cannot take care of it.

Attached are only some of the pictures. There are much more.

Door scratches
More scuffs, wasn’t here before
More scratches

If you’re taking your Model 3 to the service center.  Make sure to take detailed pics of your car before hand.

Also, keep in mind Tesla is getting SO MANY returns to fix that now they have a giant wait list.