Tesla’s showing up with crooked emblem badges

Tesla is now offering Dual Motor owners to come over to the service center so they can install the new “Dual Motor” emblem onto the trunk of Model 3 trunk.  Read this person’s story

I drove almost an hour to get my Dual Motor badge put on…2 hours out of my Saturday. I trusted that the guy knew what he was doing. Got home and found that it was placed crookedly. WTF! I accept that I have some paint imperfections, I had to have my faulty steering wheel replaced (they kept my car for 2 weeks, the techs who replaced my steering wheel scraped my window tint and I had to get that replaced, my head liner was ripped so they also replaced that. I was understanding with all that, but a simple decal couldn’t be put on straight? Do I have to waste another 2 hours of my weekend to get it done properly??

I love my Model 3, I love the Tesla company, and I’m all for Elon Musk’s vision…. but QA has to improve.

Is this something mobile repair service can fix?

is the emblem crooked?
is the emblem crooked?

What’s problematic is that a Tesla employee installed this and just let it go.

There’s no way the employee didn’t notice this mistake.  Yet, they chose to let the customer drive off with the mistake so he/she wouldn’t lose points in his company.