Error Code 2124-4508 Solution for Nintendo Switch Restricted Online Ban

So you got the dreaded Error Code 2124-4508 “The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo” message

I hacked and modded my Nintendo Switch a while back and eventually over time, I got careless as I started to legitimately buy games to play thinking I’m playing purchased games now so I’m not doing anything wrong. Let my nintendo switch console system update, went on Nintendo Online Play to buy and play games. Life was great, then one day this error message appears as I tried to visit my friend’s island in Animal Crossing

3 Steps I took to fix the error code 2124-4508 permanent ban

Step 1 : Posted on Nintendo Forums for Help

Bought a Nintendo Switch 2nd hand and none of the games that were on the unit worked to begin with ( from reading online, I assume these games are the reason why I’m banned )

I bought Animal Crossing and several other Nintendo Online games directly from Nintendo.

I’m even a part of the monthly Nintendo online membership

Was having a great time until today.

I tried to connect with a friend and got Error Code : 2124-4508 (Restricted by Nintendo).

1. Can I never go online? 

2. Do I need to buy a new Switch to play online?

3. What happens to the games I bought on  Can I download them still onto my switch?0

4. Can I get a refund for the year plan I’m on?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello and thank you for using the Nintendo Support Forums.

Please reach out to our phone agents with the information from our contact page here so we can see what we can do for you.


Step 2 : Contacted Nintendo Support via online Chat

Nintendo Support

Hi and thanks for contacting Nintendo Support. We look forward to helping you with your Nintendo Switch Family system and related accounts and services. Help us connect you to the right support specialist by answering a couple of questions: Which product do you own?

Nintendo Switch

Great, thanks! Which of these things can we help you with:

Error Codes

Ok, thanks! Please enter your error code. If you don’t have it, just say “Don’t have”


Ok, thanks. I’m placing you in line to chat with the support specialist who can best help you with your question. We’re helping a lot of customers at the moment and wait times are longer than usual. An agent will respond to you if you’ve started this conversation during business hours. Our specialists answer conversations in the order received. Thank you for your patience and we’ll be with you as soon as possible!

(Waited like 20 mins)
am I still connected?

Thanks for waiting, we’re connecting you with an agent now.

Thank you for contacting Nintendo Support. I am sorry to hear that can I have your Nintendo Switch serial number while I look into this error code.yes can you give me a moment, will get it from the system


Thank you, I am seeing that the Nintendo Switch console you are using has been permanently banned from connecting online due to a breach of the user agreements. These can include fraudulent or unauthorized transactions, or violations of the Code of Conduct.

I bought this second hand for my kids and we signed up for online for 12 months and have bought all the game legitimately. I asked the previous owner and he told me I needed to factory reset before using the system so it’s my fault. Our household has not played any of the pre-loaded games am I at least able to get a refund on all the Nintendo Online games I bought?

To see what we can do we will need to speak with you directly, as this issue is unfortunately not something we can help you with this way. Instead, please call us at 1-800-255-3700. Our phone agents are available seven days a week (except for major holidays) between 6:00am and 7:00pm Pacific time. When you call, we’ll need the following reference number to take additional action: 200604-0#####  Please have it ready.  Was there any other issue you needed help with?

Ok will try calling

Have a great day and I’m glad we were able to connect today. If you have additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to visit or reach out to one of our chat or SMS agents on Thanks for contacting Nintendo Consumer Service!

Step 3 : Calling Nintendo Customer Service

Call 1-800-255-3700

Depending on how busy they are, you get looped into this automated system that pretty much tells you “Check your error code online, thank you bye”

On my 3rd try, I actually got to wait in line for support. If you get a “Press 2 for spanish” intro, that means you’re at the right place.

I spoke gently and professionally to the customer service and she told me that my system is modified to the point that there is no return.

I asked if I could have said anything differently (making another excuse) to change the result and she said the hardware is modified and nothing could unban it.

Solution to Error Code 2124-4508 Online Play Restriction

You are permanently banned.

Your system is now a standalone. Good news is now you have no choice but to use it as a hacked unit and play games.

Your online account associated with the hacked unit is still ok so you can buy another system.