How do I set the 2024 R4iSDHC I bought on Temu? The correct kernel software to download

R4 Game Cards are once again selling on Temu, Alibaba and also making it’s way to eBay / Mercari. The resellers don’t send a manual on how to set these R4DS mod carts. We did some digging and found the right kernel and steps for you.

Where can I purchase R4 Video Game Cards?

Temu has them available. These cards are all pretty much the same.
They may have different labels like the R4iSDHC Dual-Core, Gold Pro, RTS Lite, but they are all the same.

R4DS Available on Temu

Try going to Temu or eBay or Mercari or AliExpress. Even have seen some sellers on Amazon.

What is the lowest price for a R4DS card now in 2024?

We have seen as low as $4 including shipping on AliExpress! How does China do this? It would cost $4 to send a pack of stickers to my brother in the same city.

R4DS on Aliexpress for $4

What can I do with my Nintendo R4DS once it’s setup?

The R4iSDHC Cards will let you play homebrew Nintendo DS games on your Nintendo DS system.

Which kernel do I download?

Special thanks to DNA Mobile Gaming for bundling the correct kernel


Just unzip and load the contents into the root of your microSD card

Step by Step Video for Nintendo R4iSDHC Flash Cart