How to Repair Honda Accord Center Armrest Leather Cover

If you’re like me a few days ago, you’re probably thinking of replacing your armrest cover.


My Acura RL’s center armrest was starting to bubble

From reading online forums, it seems like many of you have the same issue.


Let me show you how I fixed this issue with around $50.

So First you need these items

  1. the replacement cover.  The link is underneath.  Get the right color for your car
  2. an fabric adhesive spray – this is to make the leather cover stick to the armrest.  once again, link on the bottom or you can find one of these at your local craft store or target
  3. Screwdrivers – to take the armrest off


Step 1, remove the armrest.

I forgot to film it, but you just unscrew 9 philips screw and the armrest will come right off


Step 2, remove the original cover

Rip the rubbery material off of the armrest.  

Be careful not to rip off the padding


Acura’s flagship car comes with this.


There is a part on the armrest that has stitches.  

It’s a pain in the butt to remove these stitches. it’s ok to just keep these on.  

You won’t be able to feel the stitches once you put the replacement on top.


Step 3. Practice placing the cover on.

Get to know how the cover will fit.  

Make sure you have enough so it wraps around the edges.

Once you spray the adhesive, it’ll be harder to experiment and adjust.


Step 4. Spray the adhesive

Once you spray it on, wait about 5 minutes for the adhesive to become a bit dry.

Saying the obvious here, but please do this outside.  

The spray smelled so bad, it can’t be good for you.


Step 5. Place the leather cover over your armrest

Remember all that practicing you did.

Make sure the new stitching goes over the old one.

Make sure you have enough cover going over the edge on all 4 sides and then… place it.

Once you think it looks good, push out any bubbles.

Wrap around the edges.  Let it sit for a hour for the adhesive to dry.


Step 6. That’s it, just put your new armrest back on.


Looks good as new or even better!
I hope this video helped.  Good luck!