How Samsung tricks their customers on trade-in value

Samsung is known to give great trade-in values for their pre-owned devices, but did you know they raise the price of the new device you are trying to buy? This is a scam Samsung has been pulling from their loyal customers to rip them off.

How does Samsung trick their customers?

Samsung will increase the cost of the item you are trying to buy when you have a trade-in.

Let’s look at this New Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Checkout Screen

Decently spec’d 15.6″, i5, 8GB, 512GB in mystic silver for $629.99 total

This is before adding the $150 Trade-in, it’s $629.99

Samsung EPP Before Trade-in

Now, let’s see, when you add a Samsung Tab to trade-in for $150. Price comes down to $524.99.

before and after student discount
Before and After Adding a $150 Trade-in

They increased the price of the laptop by $45 essentially making the trade-in of the Samsung Tab only $105!

Is Samsung’s trade-in value worth it?

Initially, Samsung offers what seems to be a great trade-in value, but Samsung will raise the price of the product you are buying to make up for the difference like a shoddy car salesman. Please compare the price before and after adding the trade-in to ensure you aren’t being ripped off.

Make sure to review your price with and without trade-ins

It’s a better deal usually to sell the current device independently on your own

When Samsung changes the price of your item when you opt for the trade-in, it’s usually a better deal to just sell your current device on Mercari or eBay. Like an used car, there is a level of convenience for just throwing Samsung the device and them giving you credit.

Aleady ordered on Samsung, how can I get my price adjusted before trade-in value?

Samsung actually has a decent customer service. They will most likely offer you a solution that works. Credit back, or worst case, a return.

Link to Samsung Customer Service

Samsung Customer Service Pricematching for me

Chat started on 18 Sep 2021, 03:19 PM (GMT+0)
(03:19:54) *** Me joined the chat ***
(03:19:54) Me: – Product: NP950XDB-KB2US – ZipCode: 95129 – Contact Reason: refunds_replacements_and_returns__how_do_i_return_an_order – Department Id : (General Order Support)
(03:19:54) Me: I noticed that with the trade-in, the price of the laptop becomes $679.99 I would like to remove the Trade-In Offer and get the $629.99 price.
(03:20:02) *** CSR joined the chat ***
(03:20:12) CSR: Hello, Thank you for choosing Samsung. I am .
(03:20:17) Me: Hi
(03:20:33) CSR: Hello > how are you?
(03:20:40) Me: i’m good thank you
(03:21:29) CSR: Just to make sure that I got your concern correctly, you want to price match your order, right?
(03:21:53) Me: sort of, yes
(03:22:03) Me: if i remove the trade-in, price becomes $629
(03:22:12) Me: Sorry, $629.99
(03:23:19) CSR: Where did you find the price difference >
(03:23:30) Me: It’s on Samsung’s site
(03:24:19) Me: here you go
(03:24:19) Me:
(03:25:06) CSR: Can you please help me with the link and share a screenshot
(03:25:26) CSR: I’m unable to access the link.
(03:25:39) Me: Where do you want me to upload the screenshot
(03:25:42) Me: if you can’t access that link
(03:25:52) CSR: Are you on mobile or pc?
(03:25:56) Me: PC
(03:26:12) CSR: Just drag the screen shot with time and date on the chat box
(03:26:51) Me: Visitor uploaded: Screenshot-2021-09-18-082525.jpg URL: Type: image/jpeg Size: 27896
(03:26:52) Me: So first… this is the offer you guys gave me
(03:27:01) Me: Visitor uploaded: Screenshot-2021-09-18-082352.jpg URL: Type: image/jpeg Size: 165538
(03:27:07) Me: This is the offer without trade-in
(03:27:10) Me: Price is lower.
(03:27:22) Me: You guys almost got me.
(03:29:01) CSR: So do not want to send the trade-in now correct ?
(03:29:30) CSR: Without trade in what was the price of lap top?
(03:30:23) Me: With Trade-in – $674.99
(03:30:29) Me: Without Trade-in – $629.99
(03:31:58) CSR: Okay > we will make a price match for you
(03:32:40) CSR: Please send the trade in to once the evaluation is successfully completed we will refund the difference amount to your mode of payment
(03:32:58) CSR: Please keep clear screenshots with you
(03:33:02) Me: ??
(03:33:09) Me: So how much are you refunding me?
(03:33:27) Me: I think I should just return this laptop and redo the order if I can’t get you to fix this for me now.
(03:33:48) Me: which just wastes shipping cost for you and a huge inconvenience to me
(03:34:11) CSR: One moment let me make this clear for you
(03:34:25) CSR: Let me check with my team for the best possible options
(03:34:31) Me: ok
(03:40:07) CSR: > thanks for waiting
(03:40:12) Me: sure thing
(03:40:46) CSR: What is the EPP discount you are able to see now
(03:41:07) CSR: The image is not clear which you’ve shared
(03:41:18) Me: ok, let me make it clear
(03:41:52) Me: Visitor uploaded: Screenshot-2021-09-18-084131.jpg URL: Type: image/jpeg Size: 23832
(03:41:59) Me: This is before $150 Trade-in
(03:42:32) Me: Visitor uploaded: Screenshot-2021-09-18-084225.jpg URL: Type: image/jpeg Size: 27076
(03:42:36) Me: This is after the $150 Trade-in
(03:42:47) Me: You guys are stealing $45
(03:43:58) CSR: You have got an 225$ epp discount in your current order
(03:44:19) Me: right, but it’s supposed to be $270
(03:44:21) CSR: Now if you place a fresh order the EPP disocunt is 270$
(03:44:21) Me: without trade-in
(03:44:25) Me: that’s correct
(03:44:28) Me: we’re on the same page
(03:45:10) CSR: So you can return the order and place a new one >
(03:45:45) CSR: But I have a deal for you if you wish to keep the order I can offer you a 10% refund on the order
(03:46:07) Me: ?!?! that’s an excellent deal!
(03:46:16) CSR: Which is actually a great deal
(03:46:33) Me: , why didn’t you say this sooner…
(03:46:38) Me: now we are friends
(03:47:19) CSR: I just wanted to figure it out > to help you with the best offer
(03:47:31) Me: thank you
(03:47:34) *** Chat Rating request has been sent. ***
(03:47:40) Me: Yes, the 10% refund will fix it
(03:47:42) *** Me has rated the chat Good ***
(03:47:53) CSR: Its my pleasure to chat with you today
(03:47:57) Me: wait wait
(03:48:03) Me: … how do I get my refund?
(03:48:18) CSR: I will document the details and raise a refund request for you.
(03:48:35) Me: Sorry to be nosy, but how much exactly am I being refunded?
(03:50:32) CSR: You will get a 52$ refund > to your mode of payment
(03:51:11) Me: ok, that works out. Thank you
(03:51:25) CSR: The refund will be reflected in 2-3 business days in your account
(03:51:35) CSR: This is your email right
(03:51:49) Me: That’s correct
(03:52:37) CSR: Thanks I will keep you posted
(03:53:00) CSR: Please save the reference for refund
(03:53:05) CSR: Your satisfaction means everything to us. Have we covered everything that you wanted to discuss today?
(03:53:10) Me: YES!
(03:53:13) Me: Thank you
(03:53:35) CSR: Rest assured, as long as you are with Samsung family, we will always take care of and give our best to our valued custs
(03:53:40) CSR: You’re welcome, You’ve been speaking with today. Thank you for contacting Samsung Live Chat Support! Have a great rest of the day.
(03:53:48) CSR: I wish you a great day and stay safe, Bye for Now. Take Care!
(03:54:17) Me: You too thank you!
(04:05:19) *** CSR left the chat ***
(04:05:19) *** Me left the chat ***

Chat with Samsung Customer Service
Chat with Samsung Customer Service