How to tell if my Apple Airpods 2nd Generation USB-C is a counterfeit or fake?

I bought an Apple Airpods Pro 2nd Edition on Mercari because it was so cheap. This is the new version with the USB-C connection and the description stated it does come with a valid serial number

Mercari selling counterfeit airpods

Mercari does have a lenient return policy so what’s there to lose. I went ahead and made an order.

BTW – Mercari STILL sells a bunch of “most likely” counterfeit Apple Airpods 2nd Gen – Take a LOOK HERE

1-Day after the order

The seller sent me an ominous message

Hi thank you for your order! Your package is now shipped. We wanted to inform you that the Air Pods and Air Pods box have been shipped INSIDE a black off brand headphones box. This is to ensure that your packages is secure and gets delivered to you as we have experienced issues of theft with carriers. Feel free to send any questions and we thank for your understanding and cooperation!

Counterfeit Seller
Message from airpods counterfeiter

What arrived when I bought a counterfeit Airpods Pro 2nd Gen

uh oh. This definitely doesn’t look right. But the weight was correct.

Counterfeit Airpods Pro 2nd Edition

Do I even bother opening? The seller told me that the Airpods Pro would be inside the package so let’s open it

Counterfeit Airpods

This doesn’t look right at all, but the packaging really looks like the real thing.


The serial number XXKN26GDW4 does check out. Seems like the counterfeiters buy a legit Airpods Pro 2nd Gen and then print it on many counterfeit airpods pro.

Apple serial number checker checks out

Serial number XXKN26GDW4

Upon closer inspection

Cupertino is spelt as “Cupertion”

Airpods Pro Cupertion