Gift Card Tool is Broken. When will it be back up?

Since March 18th, 2019, the Gift Card Balance Services and the Gift Card Merging Balance Transfer Tool has been down and not accessible.

Link to Balance Checker

Link to Balance Transfer

Apologies for the inconvenience, our online Gift Card Balance Check and Merge Tool is out of service.
Please call 1-888-999-4468 for assistance.

#1 Contacted on Twitter

Contacting customer service over Twitter resulted in them stating that it’s working for them.

Hi, Kenji! Hmmm… We can see that it’s available online. Pls click this link:

Nope, the link still showed the same error

#2 Chat with Customer Service

After a long wait and back and forth resulted in the same result. They say they can see it.

#3’s hotel-deals links

There’s another URL that Customer service is parading around at
which just gives you another error – please fix your gift card tool!