How you can possibly save another $3k on your Tesla Model 3

Tesla seems to have about an easy $2500-3000 buffer they can spare on Tesla Model 3s. In early March of 2019, Tesla was offering free paint, free rims, or free interior upgrade in exchange for taking inventory cars.

Tesla Model 3 Discount
Tesla Model 3 Discounted in Early March

Here’s a new story from March 30th, 2019!

Picked up my LR AWD today. Delivery was flawless except the Tesla employee told me the doors would literally fall off the hinges if I pulled the emergency release handle… I didn’t feel like correcting him. My car has a VIN from 2018, birthday of Dec 23rd. Because of this they actually gave me a refund of 3k because the Tesla website is for 2019 model pricing. I also somehow got the small desk version of a model 3. I thought they only gave those out to first day reservation holders? Overall I am a very happy customer!

Order Reservation

So, try the following next time before picking up

Key is to find out if your car is a reject or a demo. If it is, you have space to negotiate!

1. Ask what the VIN on your Tesla Model 3 is

Tesla SuperCharger Station

2. If the VIN seems older, you’re in luck! Mention that the Model 3 is older and you don’t want a Model 3 that was not built after you ordered / that is not new / etc

3. Tesla may offer you a slight refund up to $3000 or a free upgrade

Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Window Sticker