Tesla trying to push Model 3s before the Federal Tax Credit gets halved in 2019

Tesla is trying to push many Model 3s as they can before the year ends.

It looks like they have made plenty of cars.  People are reporting that they are getting calls to pick up the car within a week of putting down their extra $2500.

“Thank you for being a Model 3 reservation holder. I’d like to invite you into your local Santana Row showroom for a test drive. We have a few appointments available in the next couple days and into the weekend, what day and time works best?

I also wanted to make you aware that the federal EV tax credit will begin phasing out after this year. What’s great is that we do have inventory options that can be delivered by the end of the year making you eligible to take advantage of the full $7,500 tax credit.

Please don’t hesitate to reach me at  with any questions you have.”

2018 Tesla Model 3 Push
2018 Tesla Model 3 Push

Good news for anyone that wants to get in on the $7500 federal tax credit.