Model 3 White Color will be Standard Starting July 1st, 2019

Elon Musk over Twitter has announced that Tesla will be switching the Tesla Model 3’s standard color from Solid Black to Simple White. After these changes are implemented, Musk noted that the Model 3’s black paint option would be a $1,000 option.

Is Simple White same as Pearl White?

Pearl white paint (multi-coat) starts with a white base coat, followed by a micro titanium dioxide layer to give the paint its luminescence, followed by a clear coat on top.

Simple White will be the same as the current black paint with one base coat with clear coating on top.

Tesla Model 3 Pearl White Paint vs Simple White Paint

Model 3 Pearl White Paint
Model 3 Simple White Paint

Is Pearl White Paint Better?

That sparkly white paint is also offered by other car manufacturers. Toyota sells the “Blizzard Pearl” as a $395 option. Nissan sells the “Pearl White Tricoat” as a $395 option. Some say the Pearl White is noticeably beautiful while some say the plain white looks better.

Consumer Reports asks buyers to keep in mind that the Pearl White option will cost you extra when you get in an accident.

Pearl White Paint will still be offered

Current Pearl White owners don’t need to worry that new buyers will get a better deal on the paint. First of all, it’s not the same paint. Tesla will continue to offer the Pearl White paint for $1500 off menu or on their page.