Why it’s better to buy a Tesla in 2019 – Price Drop for a better car!

Happy New Years! As the $7,500 federal tax credit was halved to $3,750, Tesla has reduced the price of all Model 3, Model S, and Model X by $2,000.

Let’s say you were looking at a Tesla with a configuration that costs $60,000 and you had a 9% sales tax.

In 2018, your Tesla would cost

$60000 + $5400 (tax) – $7500 (credit) = $57900

In 2019, your Tesla would cost

$58000 + $5220 (tax) – $3750 (credit) = $59470

Tesla 2019 vs 2018 – What you get for waiting

  • You are paying $1570 more
  • Higher Resale Value – Your Tesla is now a 2019 model and that alone would offset the $1570 difference. Go to KBB, first thing you have to enter is the year. Years from now when people are buying used Model 3s, 2018 will be known as the initial year with a lot of issues.
  • A better car – Tesla continuously updates and fixes their cars
  • EAP Hardware V3 built in – Tesla is testing their new EAP hardware V3 and they will deliver all Teslas with them soon.
  • Not as flashy – In 2018, if you drove a Model 3, you are driving the hottest car. In 2019 and forward, you’re driving yet another Model 3 just like Ian and Jennifer from work.

So waiting until 2019 was not a bad choice after all.

Tesla Model 3 in Beautiful White
Tesla Model 3 in Beautiful White