Tesla Model 3 Moisture in Foggy Tail Lights

Tesla has as issue with condensation.  When tail lights or head lights aren’t sealed properly, moisture gets in and creates a fog in the lamp eventually leading to water building up inside.

How wide spread is this Tesla issue?

Well, it sounds like everyone is experiencing it

Model 3 Condensation Complaints
Model 3 Condensation Complaints

These are the basics of cars and don’t know how this kind of tail light passed QA.  Call your service rep and have them replace or repair this immediately.

Here is a Tesla tard’s response

Tesla Tard's take on Foggy Tail Lights
Tesla Tard’s take on Foggy Tail Lights

“Tbh, you see this on BMW, Audi and Volkswagen too. Even headlights. I can agree on other parts of the car being rushed, but this particular thing also happens to big established car makers.”

That’s the attitude we want to hear.  We’re glad you’re not working for Tesla.