Last minute shoppers gather at Tesla to buy the Model 3 before the $7500 tax credit expires

The $7500 Federal Tax Credit for Tesla Model X, Model S, and Model 3 are coming to an end along with 2018. The federal tax credit will be halved and buyers can only get $3750 off going forward in 2019.

This resulted in last minute shoppers that were trying to sign the paper and force Tesla their money in order to get the extra $3750 from the government.

Tesla Crowd for Tax Credit
Tesla Crowd at Fremont, CA Delivery Hub

Hopefully this is the peak of what Elon Musk referred to as the “production hell” becoming “delivery hell”

If you missed the 2018 tax credit, there is a good chance Tesla will lower the price to keep the sales going. If not, buyers can expect to see the standard range to be available in 4-6 months (around April to June of 2019) at a much lower price, but also for less range.

December 31st, 2018 – It’s like an Apple iPhone release