Complete List of Features Removed for Buying a Standard Range Plus or Standard Model 3

Tesla is releasing the Standard and Standard Plus Model 3s into the wild and buyers are finding more features removed than what’s listed on the Tesla website.

What’s listed on Tesla’s website isn’t the complete list of features. For example, people are finding missing floor mats only to be told “Partial Premium interior” does not include those

What’s listed on Tesla’s Website as of April 20th, 2019

Here’s the complete list of features that you miss out on by going Standard Range Plus or Standard

Standard Range Plus Missing Features

  • No floor mats
  • No frunk or trunk mats
  • Foot well interior lighting turned off
  • No satellite view of map
  • No location-aware automatic garage door opener
  • No slacker radio, just regular radio
  • No web browser
  • No 240V charging cables. No adapter for public charging. You just get 1 cable to charge using the standard 110V
  • Only 8 speakers turned on instead of 14 – “immersive sound”

Standard Range Additional Missing Features

  • 20 less miles
  • autopilot is not standard, you have to pay an extra 3000 miles
  • Only 7 speakers turned on