Everyone Is Dumping Toyotas for Tesla Model 3?

“Sales of sedans are down across all major auto brands! Keep buying EV and spreading the word! Go Tesla!”

Sales down across the board
Sales down across the board

Here is a Teslatard.  He’s delusional and thinks all sales numbers are down because everyone ran towards the Tesla Model 3.

They are down because everyone went to crossovers and SUV’s. They get almost similar fuel numbers to sedans and currently gas is pretty “cheap” in most of the US anyway (under $1.90 here). This is not due largely to EV’s, hate to break it to ya.

Last year was also inflated due to the massive number of flooded car in Texas

Most had corresponding increases in SUVs, it’s a buying trend

I’m sure Teslatard, Salil was aware of this and he purposely omitted the SUV/CUV numbers.