Banned from Shopping Target Online

Are your online orders being cancelled all of a sudden? Is it being cancelled regardless of what item you ordered, whether you pick in-store pickup or shipping to a different address or different names or even a new email address? You may have been banned from shopping online.

Target cancelling all my orders

Why was I restricted from shopping on Target Online?

I was hit with the ban for buying in bulk. Target has a rule in their terms of service where they state that they can pretty much cancel any order due to any reason, but the rule that probably hit me is reselling. Target sometimes offers great prices. Sometimes they don’t make a profit. Maybe sometimes lose money on a sale hoping you’d shop for other things. That’s where some of us price watchers come up with the idea to buy much as we can to resell at a profit.

Tons of Target Receipts
All the packing slips

What could trigger a red flag on your Target account?

If I could pinpoint one thing, it’s drop shipping. Where I just order online directly to the customer’s home.

I was ordering 100+ with no issues until I started to drop ship. A few cancellations here and there started happening afterwords. Then finally everything started to cancel immediately after ordering.

I don’t work at Target, but I can tell you all the mistakes I’ve made. I didn’t know there was a rule against resellers so I pretty much did everything freely

  • Bought over 100+ of the same item.
  • Sometimes shipped the item directly to the buyer instead of shipping to my own house (drop shipping) – this has to be a huge red flag
  • Ordered over $4000+ worth of goods in less than 15 days. I think this would get them nervous in that I can return all of that within 30 days if it does not sell.

How do you get unbanned from shopping Target Online?

I spoke with a Target rep about my situation and they were very courteous about my situation.

“It appears your order(s) will be unable to be processed due to the Terms & Conditions outlined on . We’re sorry for disappointing you. Your concerns with our policy will be documented.”

I have read another shopper at Target Online that got banned that argued with the customer service rep that he/she had to buy a bulk amount for a big family to get it unbanned.

Can you still shop in-stores if you’re restricted from shopping

Absolutely! In fact, I still had to fulfill orders so I went around a few Targets to wipe out whatever they had left. It was fun to watch the Target employee’s face when they grabbed one for me and I stated that I wanted all of them.

Here is a response from Target customer support

“Thank you for the additional information. Your order was canceled due in part to  Terms & Conditions found on our webpage. However, you’re more than welcome to shop in our stores for smaller quantities for personal use. If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. Thanks!”


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          1. How do they know it’s you? By your mailing address? Credit card? This just happened to me and I’m super bummed. Trying to get unbanned

          2. This is a secret they don’t tell. I was able to get my friend to order to my house so it seems like it’s not the address.

  1. Question I recently got ban if I have someone order something to my apartment well it go through with there credit card and building address??

  2. I was finally hit with a ban myself and googled searched like a mad man trying to find resolution. Thanks for writing this article so I can find closure 🙁

    1. I’m sorry to hear bao. It really stinks. Wish they would just set a limit on the products like Amazon or Best Buy. Instead, they set a trap for us to buy and then ban us :/

  3. I just got banned for “irregularities” which means abnormal returns or cancellations. But they can’t really tell me what I did that was abnormal cause to all the CS reps it looked like regular purchase. No bulk, no drop shipping. No appeal process.

      1. Any way around being banned or a way I can still order online?! I really wish I could still do drive up but my account was flagged also

    1. I was just banned for irregularities. I’ve called and spoke to many CS reps and I get no further info. I’m so mad. I cannot figure out why. Drive up is so necessary.

    2. This exact thing happened to me! No warning no nothing. I am so upset I was never even given a warning before such an extreme action. Has anyone been able to fix this ?

      Can my family order still?

    1. I’m not sure how it’s tracked because new emails or different names, even gift cards don’t over ride the ban

      1. They track IP! You can change all the info you want but if you submit an order under your home ip you still get instant canceled. At least in my case you do.

  4. Has anyone who wasn’t buying I’m bulk and just had a lot of returns get this ban taken off? I didn’t even know it was an issue or I would never of done that!

    Anyone write a letter and get it fixed?

    1. I’d imagine someone that returns often would have a harder time lifting the ban. Return folks definitely lose money for Target. Bulk buyers just come in when the margin is tiny to none.

      1. Hey mashew, did they ban your credit card? or you could use someone’s account with the same credit card you used on the account where you got banned?

      2. what the hell is a “return folk”? you trying to alienate and be divisive? how about this – how about you stop blaming people for returning things, which is 100000000% lawful and normal, and you instead blame irresponsible handlers and transporters who ship damaged or wrong items? maybe THAT’S more reasonable and sane?

        I’m not referring to myself here. I’m just stating that it’s stupid of you to alienate half of those affected just to pat yourself on the back as reseller.

        also, bulk buyers are, undoubtedly, FAR more concerning for the big box stores especially during COVID. you “FOLKS” are the very reason why things were so sparse and hard to find (such as toilet paper). they are cracking down on that big time, and rightfully so. i remember a competitor of Target instituting strict limits on how many of certain items customers could buy. there was a reason for that. and that’s because resellers scooped everything up immorally and jacked up the prices, thus hurting the company’s reputation and screwing over regular Tom, Dick, and Harry.

        Just saying. I don’t read replies by the way. But feel free to reply if you have something cogent to respond with.

        Maybe try having EVERYONE’s backs, rather than just whomever are “your people.” Tribalism is gross. Don’t be that guy/gal.

  5. I just found out today that I’ve been banned from shopping online at Target, account “irregularities” with no explanation after speaking to level one and level two CSRs. The last time I purchased something from them was in May 2020. I do t shop that often online at Target, but when I do, it’s clothing, and yes, I do return stuff that doesn’t fit. Why have a policy of free returns if you can’t afford it?? Ridiculous. I cancelled my RedCard and will not shop at the brick and mortar store. What a disappointment.

    1. Same here. I called for a third time today about this. Originally the CS told me I could create a new account with a different credit card and still order online. My orders were still getting canceled and i called again only to be told of the “irregularities” and could not get any other answer. This happened to me in June when I ordered about $500 of clothing online for family pictures (bc covid lockdown) and then returned a lot that didn’t work out. Instantly i became banned. I wanted to also cancel my redbird and boycott target. i have shopped in store a couple times as of recent but this is ridiculous. I spent 16k last year alone on my redcard only to be treated this way. I don’t buy to resell. Just a family to buy for and a target is an hour away so i am always buying and returning what doesn’t work. a warning would have been nice before doing such a harsh thing!

      1. same thing happened to me! screw target I have literally spent thousands there. We need to get this to media attention I am sure it is happening to a lot more people than expected. I have tried everything from new accounts to new emails to even new credit cards! how in the hell are they tracking me still? any computer people on here know how they are still tracking me I have changed everything down to mac id and vpn..

  6. I discovered I got banned from Target after regular orders of household items were cancelled with no explanation. It took a chat with first level CSR, and then a call with a second level CSR — and I still wasn’t given any reason other than I was told I would not be able to purchase anything through their online shop anymore. They couldn’t provide any additional information and they said that there was no appeal or reversal of this decision. I don’t purchase a lot online, but when I do, the items I return are mostly clothing. Why don’t they just warn customers like, “hey, you’re returning an awful lot” like Amazon does. I would happily drive a few miles and return in store instead of using their free return label. What a terribly run business model. I don’t plan to spend any money in their brick and mortar stores ever again.

    1. I know this post was from last year but were you returning using their free return label or to the store? I can see if you use the return label a lot as it costs them money for return shipping. Once again I agree with you, a warning should be given first instead of an outright ban.

    2. So just curious, were you returning the items in-store or using a return label that you could print out? Wondering if it’s because it cost them for shipping to return using their label. Trying to avoid the same ever happening to me.

  7. ugh I tried to place orders for pickups and delivery and got instant cancel, at first it canceled an hr later but not its instant. I have never ordered from there before.. and they said that I can only SHOP IN STore, and online and pickup orders would be cancelled immediately… THEY’RE T R A S H

  8. I am so confused. I’ve tried different emails with the same payment method- cancelled! I also tried same account paying with paypal and also cancelled. How are they linking this???

    Mine was for irregularities as well- lots of order problems recently which I do not deny but none of which are my fault. Damages and nondeliveries. Has anyone found out how long this ban lasts?

  9. This same thing happened to me. Similar timing to everyone else, my last online order was March and they have just been cancelling my orders all summer, Why does the system even allow me to place them? I finally called today they will not tell me what “irregularity” caused the suspension of online ordering, though definitely not bulk buying for me. I am cancelling my Target account, and it will be a cold day in hell before I set foot in a Target ever again.

  10. Got the same experience today. Did purchase 3 game consoles before but it is still within limit. Called csr, but they are indifferent and wont provide any help. Just said I can only purchase in store. I do not shop with them frequently, but still very disappointed.

  11. Same thing happened to me. I return a lot but then they have the policy of free returns if you don’t like the product.
    All of my orders are getting placed and then they cancel after 1 hour. So basically we I cannot shop online at all from target.

  12. HI all banned here as well a week ago, not sure what happened to be honest, I was just ordering some essential items (3x each) which the store clearly has an abundance of for Drive Up and it just canceled on me right after,

    Question: If I create a new account and apply for a new red card under my wife’s name, will that work? That 5% red card discount is crucial in times like these.


  13. Just got banned from target for buying a lot because i like to shop . I’m not a reseller. They think I am a reseller. I told him no. This is all for personal use. Look at my address, I don’t drop ship like re-sellers do. They still didn’t care. Screw Target. Will take my business to Amazon. At least they have limits that you are aware of, unlike those target idiots who just ban you without warning!

  14. Happening to me as well – I think I made one very irregular return since I decided to buy from a different merchant and that did it for my account. I can’t purchase anything online at all for the last year – so frustrating!

  15. I got banned as well. I was using 8+ registry coupons and saving 70% or more per order. I got carried away. The funny thing is they said it was irregularities with returns. One order had over 100 items and I had them do a price adjustment with it being cheaper on their website shortly after I purchased. The customer service representative applied the $40 “return” across the entire order rather than just 1 item so it looked like I partially “returned” over 100 items. That’s probably what did it.

    Toysrus banned me from doing returns for a little while back in 2014. I returned about 20 unopened disney infinity discs that were all about $2 each and althought it was only a $40ish return because it was 20 items it flagged me.

  16. Just wanted to voice my support for all of you. None of you did anything wrong. Target is being evil by deliberately hiding highly restrictive reselling terms in their long Terms of Service, then banning people without any warning or notification. Target is in the wrong, not any of you. Don’t blame yourselves for the evil action of others.

    1. I just wonder if this hurts their sales in the long run. People that buy in bulk are the ones that cause a supply issue which causes everyone to run to a product. I guess their stocks are doing well so they aren’t hurting… yet.

  17. Try buying from again but instead:

    1. Use a device that you haven’t used to purchase from Target in the past
    2. Go to a place that provides free WiFi
    3. Use their WiFi to make the purchase from your device

  18. I see its been 2 years since this article was written. Are you still unable to place orders with target?

      1. Thanks for updating. Ever since I read your page, I have been paranoid about returning stuff even though they pack horribly and sometimes the stuff arrives damaged (collectibles). Hopefully you’ll get to order again at some point.

      2. Mashew
        Can I ask why you are not allowing my comments to be posted especially to Missy? It’s a legitimate question to here as to why she got banned, was she returning using the return labels or to the store? Just trying to avoid the same situation. The first time I didn’t want to use my email because I didn’t want spam. Obviously, feel free to not approve this comment.

  19. I am in the same boat and Target customer support can’t tell what the irregularities are that caused them to block the online account. So basically they are treating me as a culprit without evidence or proof. I can shop in store but not online. Just FYI.. I am not a reseller either.

  20. Mashew,

    Have you tried reporting the Target Card lost (to get a new CC #) and then try to use it on a new account under a new IP? I’m debating trying this

  21. Can confirm that they are doing this to customers all of a sudden. Not stating that I’m a customer, but only confirming that they are indeed pulling this crap with their patrons.

    I’ve never seen a big box store operate this insidiously. It is inherently bad business. At least warn customers so that they can intelligently defend themselves first or offer exculpatory evidence in their favor, etc.

    To be fair – ALL big box stores are evil. But I’ve never heard of any other ones doing this to customers. It is just objectively bizarre. Reminds me of how Facebook and other such terrible social media companies shadow ban people without explanation (just another reason why I don’t even use social media to begin with as a preemptive measure to avoid such BS).

    Good luck to everyone involved. This is likely a generally new policy that some new moron at Target had implemented via their bots. False positives everywhere seems like…

  22. I just got banned they can give me NO info on why, I am a mother providing for her family. Has anyone had luck changing anything? I’m considering opening an account and new credit card with husband name? Let me know

    1. Hi Amy, this just happened to me after an order wasn’t delivered to my address and they the email was: we want you to enjoy your target experience so we invite you to shop exclusively in store. I’ve tried everything including vpn new credit card, different device. I honestly think it’s an algorithm that looks at a number of variables and if any of them raise any flags it will cancel the order.

      My advice is honestly to stay away from target. They treat their customers like they’re wrong doers any chance they get. I’d say any time I order something remotely fragile from target it comes damaged. They throw it in the box and hope for the best.

  23. Hi mashew,

    Has anyone experienced any legal trouble from target canceling their orders? This happened in January for me after an item wasn’t delivered. They claimed that it was and I looked everywhere. So for all future purchases I’ll have to shop in store. Never had anything like this happen and quite stressed. Has anything happened to anyone beyond just not being able to purchase on

  24. Ok, I was banned because several orders were legitimately missing items, I also got a full order ($100+) of someone else’s things more than once, so I know it wasn’t just me… I only did drive up. I talked to someone at corporate and while they were very nice essentially said there was nothing they could do.

    But what are they tracking?! I’ve used a VPN, gift card (so no address), new email and even got a new cellular iPad that I didn’t even link to my Apple account! And was never on Wi-Fi when I placed an order… so if there’s no card, no address, no Wi-Fi… what are they tracking?!

  25. I’m mad at target but kind of relieved to see other people having the same issues because I felt like a criminal. banned me for irregularities. It was near the end of 2021 and in that year I had spent thousands there and made a total of five returns. Literally made several orders every week. Barely ever returned things. When I received a box of damaged books I tried to exchange them. They told me to keep the books and then banned me. Like sorry that I want to exchange items that were damaged in transit because of poor packaging?????? The only other returns I had made were some clothes that didn’t fit. Literally like three dresses. Like sorry I got fat and didn’t know my size???? It’s really really frustrating and I just get talked down to when I call. My whole household is blocked and like??? My husband didn’t have anything to do with my account but he can’t have his own??? Congrats on losing a compulsive shopper target.

  26. I would suggest:

    get a replacement card
    new device (cellphone, laptop,tablet)
    New IP. ( i would suggest getting a new router. A new router will have a new ip and device)
    use new phone number, email
    try to add an extra letter in your address: 123 apple street —-> 123 appple street apt#101

    lemme know if any yall tries it and if it worked??

  27. Hey,

    I’m so glad I found this post. I’m starting to come to peace with getting banned. It’s only been a day lol

    But seriously, has anyone found a resolution or been able to order again

  28. Target has apparently flagged my account as well and I have a $200 giftcard that I cannot use. ALL of my orders are being canceled without reason. I cannot get a refund on the giftcard so they basically have stolen my money! This is not right!

    1. I’m not sure if Wallstreetbets is the right place to post it. There probably is /r/target

      Target is getting ridiculous, they are banning anyone that may be a risk to their profits.

      Returns are one thing, but I was just buying things up when they were cheap.

  29. Have you had any issues with refunds/returns?

    Also, have you tried making a new account with a vpn and using paypal or a giftcard? it seems like the ban tracks through credit card and then ban any account using that credit card afterwards.

  30. I Got flagged for returning open trading cards after customer service said I could return them. I even questioned customer service i said you guys don’t allow people to return opened packs of cards, correct?. He said well considering the circumstances we will allow you to make the return, and they emailed me the return label. They received the cards but didnt refund me until I talked to customer service. Now Ever since that refund I can buy trading cards anymore, it instantly cancels. I can still but other things online, but no cards.

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