Banned from Shopping Target Online

Are your online orders being cancelled all of a sudden? Is it being cancelled regardless of what item you ordered, whether you pick in-store pickup or shipping to a different address or different names or even a new email address? You may have been banned from shopping online.

Target cancelling all my orders

Why was I restricted from shopping on Target Online?

I was hit with the ban for buying in bulk. Target has a rule in their terms of service where they state that they can pretty much cancel any order due to any reason, but the rule that probably hit me is reselling. Target sometimes offers great prices. Sometimes they don’t make a profit. Maybe sometimes lose money on a sale hoping you’d shop for other things. That’s where some of us price watchers come up with the idea to buy much as we can to resell at a profit.

Tons of Target Receipts
All the packing slips

What could trigger a red flag on your Target account?

If I could pinpoint one thing, it’s drop shipping. Where I just order online directly to the customer’s home.

I was ordering 100+ with no issues until I started to drop ship. A few cancellations here and there started happening afterwords. Then finally everything started to cancel immediately after ordering.

I don’t work at Target, but I can tell you all the mistakes I’ve made. I didn’t know there was a rule against resellers so I pretty much did everything freely

  • Bought over 100+ of the same item.
  • Sometimes shipped the item directly to the buyer instead of shipping to my own house (drop shipping) – this has to be a huge red flag
  • Ordered over $4000+ worth of goods in less than 15 days. I think this would get them nervous in that I can return all of that within 30 days if it does not sell.

How do you get unbanned from shopping Target Online?

I spoke with a Target rep about my situation and they were very courteous about my situation.

“It appears your order(s) will be unable to be processed due to the Terms & Conditions outlined on . We’re sorry for disappointing you. Your concerns with our policy will be documented.”

I have read another shopper at Target Online that got banned that argued with the customer service rep that he/she had to buy a bulk amount for a big family to get it unbanned.

Can you still shop in-stores if you’re restricted from shopping

Absolutely! In fact, I still had to fulfill orders so I went around a few Targets to wipe out whatever they had left. It was fun to watch the Target employee’s face when they grabbed one for me and I stated that I wanted all of them.

Here is a response from Target customer support

“Thank you for the additional information. Your order was canceled due in part to  Terms & Conditions found on our webpage. However, you’re more than welcome to shop in our stores for smaller quantities for personal use. If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. Thanks!”