Reasons why $TSLA may be a good buy now

Tesla stocks have been on a beating for the last year. Several analysts coming out together stating Tesla is in financial trouble. Morgan Stanley spokesman even stated $TSLA could go down to $10.

Let’s look at this realistically

1. Technically, it’s a great time to buy

$TSLA has bounced off of the $182 level several times

2. Mystery $3 million bet on Aug $250 Calls

This goes both ways, but this time some mystery investor is betting heavily that $TSLA will have a nice rise by August.

3. 2019 Q2 numbers are hinted to be better than expected

Elon Musk’s twitter account has been silenced by SEC, but he’s found a way to communicate to us. By sending out company wide emails that will inevitably be leaked

By sending this email to employees, it gives more credibility to the numbers or his employees would just be confused.

4. Fundamentally, nothing has changed

Tesla is still THE company pushing the cutting edge technology in automobiles. Still the car millenials dream of owning. Self driving, robotaxi, gigafactory, hyperloop tunnel, possibly offering their own insurance soon. Demand will go down as the supply meets demand, but that was to be expected.

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