Is Legit or a Scam?

A few weeks ago, a site called appeared on, a gift card discount comparison site. The offers they had were in short, TGTBT, too good to be true.

Link to (TAKE A LOOK!)

CardBear showing 40% off on Panera Gift Cards
CardBear showing 40% off on Panera Gift Cards

They continued to offer 20% off everything at Disney. This means 20% off Disney hotels, Disney Amusement Parks, Disney Store, and Disney anything.

Disney Gift Card Discount
Disney Gift Card Discount

The form of payments they accept are extremely high risk with only Apple Pay, Google Pay and Zelle. Actually going through the checkout will show that Zelle and Apple Pay (Debit Card) are really your only choice. BOTH will not let you chargeback. Once it’s sent, it’s sent.

I couldn’t find much about them online. It seems like a scam.

But, I couldn’t get myself to step away from such a good deal and besides it’s protected by Norton right?

I’ll be the guinea pig and order a gift card

I chose the Panera Bread 40% off. I would go with the Disney, but I don’t plan on going there anytime soon. Panera Bread, I can eat there everyday for the next 30 days to use up the card.

Panera Bread gift card discount
Panera Bread gift card discount

Order complete! I just need to pay now Order Confirmation Order Confirmation

I just need to pay now

Payment Sent via Apple Pay

Apple Pay Payment to
Apple Pay Payment to [email protected]

And off it goes. The $120, I may never see again.

That’s it, no reply, no confirmation. But their support said it’ll take 1 business day so I’ll be patient

The next morning…

GiftCardDeal sent me an email that the payment was received!

GiftCardDeal payment received
GiftCardDeal payment received

and a few minutes later.

GiftCardDeal scam
Came through!

Panera gift cards have arrived and they are working!

GiftCardDeal’s gift card stopped working or the balance shows $0

Don’t panic. If you’re having issues with your gift card within the warranty date they specify, they will send you a refund. Just kindly message their support. We had this Panera card show up as $0 within the 30 days and was given a full refund within a few hours.

Gift Card Deal Support
Gift Card Deal Support Response