How to use Mercari Japan from Overseas

If you tried accessing your seller’s account on Mercari Japan from the United States or UK or China, you may have encountered the error message stating people outside of the country cannot have access to

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Problem :Can’t access Mercari Japan from outside of Japan

I may be on a business trip abroad. May be a seller or buyer.

I can’t send comments to sellers using VPN.  I can communicate without any problems after purchase. Why? This is very inconvenient.

I can’t display the help page because I’m overseas. Inquiries cannot even be displayed depending on the time and connection status. It is very inconvenient because there is no telephone or email support.

Why the block? Due to some reasons, we caused inconvenience to the seller and canceled the purchase. This cost me a negative feedback and it was out of my control.

Solution : VPN, but only certain ones

We’ve gone through a few Virtual Private Network service to mimic that you are accessing Mercari Japan from within Japan. Here is a comprehensive list.

VPN ServiceDoes it work?
NordVPNNot Working
ExpressVPNNot Working
Private Internet AccessNot Working
Which VPN Service works for Mercari Japan?

RyosukeVPN offers a free trial so you can verify that it works with Mercari Japan before paying

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