Listen to me, I’m here from your future to tell you NOT buy the personal USB air cooler mini air purifier conditioner nonsense.

Amazon selling usb air conditioners
Amazon selling usb air conditioners with great reviews

I saw the glowing reviews on Amazon and even on Youtube and ordered one immediately.

I was excited to open this piece of junk although it looked like someone just sold me something that’s from a warehouse full of garbage.

Antarctic Air
Antarctic Air Air Conditioner Box

Antarctic Air?! Do these morons even know how cold it is in the Antarctic coast? We’re talking some places that are -135 degrees Fahrenheit. I might be able to get that kind of air blasting from something that air conditions a giant office building

By the way, I can swear what I ordered had a brand name like UOCRAP. Well, I’ll take it. It’s only $29.99. If it can push any cold air, I’ll be happy

Antarctic Air Box
Antarctic Air Box

Enjoy cool anywhere? Plugs into Wall Outlets or USB Ports? Yea ok. That’s the bar we’re trying to break here.

Mini Air Conditioner Box

Well, I’ve been using it for 4 hours and it’s just a mini USB fan disguised as an air conditioner. Translation, it’s a piece of junk. I know I just need to return this to Amazon, but now I need to drive to Fedex. What was with all the fake paid glowing reviews. Amazon reviews are worthless. I’m just so, upset that I fell for this scam.

I’m writing this to save anyone out there from buying this piece of junk. I feel bad for the Amazon Flex driver that had to walk up to my door to drop this piece of crap off. I feel bad for the electricity it ate for them ringing the doorbell. I feel really bad for the water I wasted putting into this box.

Please … Please… you’re going to be curious or thinking if it can do 1% of what it advertises, it’s worth it. But it doesn’t even do that much! Just stay away from this awful goat cheese. I’m done. I’m off to write a REAL review on Amazon to save anyone out there from this snake oil.

Maybe the reason why my unit doesn’t work is because it has no “MEUN” button. I keep pressing the “MENU” button but it doesn’t do anything other than change the LED color which doesn’t matter.