Game of Thrones Season 9 is Airing July 19th

The Game of Thrones Showrunners WILL indeed be at Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego, CA for Game of Thrones. David Benioff and Dan Weiss has destroyed a beautifully written novel by George R. R. Martin just so they could move onto bigger plans. The internet is plagued with reasons why Season 8 didn’t work and the fans need closure

Season 9 will be 1 episode. Yes, Season premiere and finale in one. It will be 1 HOUR LONG unlike what was promised for Season 8.

Game of Thrones Season 9 will air on July 19th, 2019 5:30pm to 6:30pm PT

Showrunners facing the angry fans at Comic-Con is the true Game of Thrones finale we deserve and it’s up to us to make it satisfying.

Why are David Benioff and Dan Weiss coming to Comic-Con 2019?

In order to continue with their career, they are going to have to face the people one day. By continuing to hide, they will eventually face angry fans possibly at an inconvenient time. Disney may have told them to give closure to the angry fans so this doesn’t have to come up during a Star Wars panel in the future.

The army of the dead (angry fans) are coming

David Benioff and Dan Weiss Battle Plan

  • Call everyone out at once – Usually actors, actresses, and show runners are introduced one at a time. This will give everyone a chance to boo and shame the writers so they will avoid this.
  • Surprise Guest – There will DEFINITELY be a surprise guest like George R R Martin or Ramin Djawadi (music composer) or one of our favorites like Kit Harington or Emilia Clarke. Get the masses happy.
  • Address the horrible writing early on – Writers will apologize that people aren’t satisfied with the writing and to please give the mic to someone that actually has a question. This will make anyone that brings up issues with the plot look like someone wasting the 1 hour.
  • Plants – They’ll obviously have plants in the crowd to ask soft questions and shame the ones that are negative. It’s only an hour, they can hold it off.
  • Not show up for their judgement – No one can escape the justice of the gods. Wait.

Battle Plan for Angry Fans – Laugh

People shouldn’t be too aggressive. They’ll take aggression as proof of their genius. What people should do is politely ask the pertinent questions that constitute valid criticism (eg, “why did Jon’s reveal to the Starks happen off screen” “why did you make the choice to have Tyrions character appear so incompetent and reduce his once thoughtful dialogue to dick jokes” and “in retrospe, given the general reaction that the final season, especially the last three episodes, felt too rushed and contrived, do you think you made a mistake not going for the full ten episodes” rather than “why did you write so shitty” or “Dany turning evil because of bells was fucking stupid”). Then, when they give an evasive answer, or stupid explanation, the crowd erupts in derisive laughter. When they justify Bran becoming king, laugh hard. When they say Dany going mad was character development that was properly built up, laugh harder. When Euron is mentioned at all, laugh and quote Jack Sparrow. When they talk about Sansa being smart, laugh. When they talk about the ending, laugh. When they explain Rhaegal getting shot down, laugh. When they mention the golden company, laugh. – HotPieIsAzorAhai

Anger won’t beat them. Anger is controversy, and controversy sells. You can spin anger as a good thing, you weren’t afraid to piss people off, come see the visionaries that aren’t afraid to make bold choices, etc. Laughter shows that you don’t take them seriously. Laughter shows they’ve lost all credibility. Getting laughed at to your face can’t be sold as bold, like getting yelled at can. Anger carries the message that there is something the target can do to assuage it, answers they can give, fixes they can make, even apologies that can be provided. Laughter signals that the target is well past this point, that there is nothing they can do, that their worth has been utterly written off. It can’t be fixed, not by them, and they can’t be redeemed. They are done.

Writers that generate anger can sell tickets. Come see the bold visionaries bring their provacative style they honed on Game of Thrones to the star wars universe, buy tickets today. Writers that get laughed at are box office poison. Come see the two buffoons who screwed up Game of Thrones so bad they got laughed out of Comic Con bring their anti Midas touch to the Star Wars Universe, buy tickets today (lol).

You know who in universe makes people angry? Tywin Lannister. You know who makes them laugh? Mace Tyrell. Who are DnD if not Mace?

Why was Game of Thrones Season 8 so bad?

Some argue stating that the expectation was too high or that finales usually disappoint. Those people simply don’t know the characters George R. R. Martin has built up. Screen writers were lost without GRRM’s writing and forgot many of the character’s motivations.

  • Jaime Came to Winterfell Because He Was Tired Of Cersei But In EP 4 he went back to Kings Landing !!?? I mean Wtf Then Why He came to winterfell ..I think writers thought we should shoot some fighting sequences taking This Talented Actor !!
  • In The Episode ‘The Long Night’ , The Moment When Arya stabbed Night King I mean Wtf Dude !!! So This Was The End Of Night King !!! Then Why Was He So Hyped From Past 7 seasons ?? Arya Didn’t Knew Anything About Night King unlike Jon .
  • Also There Was So Many Plot Holes in ‘Long Night ‘ Episode Firstly It Was so Dark .. Secondly GoT is not like Other Tv shows In which Hero somehow survive the situation and don’t die and story always revolve around Him But In This Episode In some of the scenes Main Characters Were Surrounded By Dead Army But Somehow Other Character Suddenly Pop Out from Sky Or Earth And Seizes The Whole Situation I mean We Didn’t Knew This About GoT !!!! It Was Known for Killing Main Characters (Although We Lost Ser Jorah Ed Lyanna but Still) !!
  • In Ep 4 The Moment When Jon was about to reveal the secret to his sisters that he is not Stark …The Whole Conversation Took Place Off Screen !!! We want to see their reactions !!! Why Are You Doing This HBO ??!

When someone asks if you’re going to boo D&D when they walk on stage at Comic Con

Why do you think I came all this way?