Best Items to Buy with Your Tesla Referral Credits for 2024

Congratulations to successfully referring someone to buy a new Tesla. We researched which items gave the most bang for your bucks. Here is which Loot box item gives you the best value.

The best items to buy with your Tesla credits

TLDR : If you don’t want to read the details, here are the answers.

If you have more than 5500 credits, we recommend the Tesla Wall Connector because you can always sell it. This results in about getting $0.053/credit and is easy to sell.
If you have less than 4000 credits, we recommend using it on a $35 Tesla apparel for 500 points. Currently the Cybertruck shirt sells for $35 and can be bought for 500 points resulting in about $0.07/credit.

Tesla Credit Price to Credit Ratio Table

ItemCreditPricePrice / Credit
Roof Rack (S3Y)8500$400$0.047
Hitch Rack (XY)8500$540$0.064
Console Tray500$30$0.06
Illuminated Door Sills (Black 3Y)3000$250$0.083
Pet Liner (S3Y)2500$145$0.058
License Plate Frame700$40$0.057
Weather Interior Liners (SX)5000$325$0.065
Weather Interior Liners (3Y)3500$225$0.064
Wall Connector9000 5500$475$0.053
CCS Combo 1 Adapter4000$175$0.043
Wall Connector Faceplate1400$75$0.054
500 Supercharger Miles1500$40$0.026
2000 Supercharger Miles4800$160$0.033
Software Enhanced Autopilot55000$6000$0.109
Software Full Self-Driving120000$12000$0.10
3 Months Full Self-Driving10000$597$0.06
1 Year Premium Connectivity2500$99$0.04
Lifestyle / Apparel
Tesla Sipping Glasses1400$75$0.053
Giga Texas Belt Buckle1500$100$0.066
Owl Cybertruck Tee500$35$0.07
Let the Sun Shine Tee750$35$0.047
Powerwall Tee500$20$0.04
Raven Hoodie2000$85$0.043
Chill Pullover Hoodie1500$70$0.047
Women’s Raven Zip Up Jacket1500$110$0.073
Womens Short Sleeve T Tee500$30$0.06
Womens Powerwall Tee500$20$0.04
How much is Tesla Referral Credit Worth?


The best item value comes from the Illuminated Door Sills. If you want the best bang for your bucks, we recommend getting the Illuminated Door Sills which makes your credits equal $0.084 each. If you are looking to exchange for cash, there’s a good demand for the Tesla Wall Connector on marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist.

If you are in the under 2000 credit, we recommend getting an apparel that has the most value.