Unknown credit card charge from ChangeLivesCoach.com. Is it a scam?

I’ve had charges from ChangeLivesCoach.com once every month for small amounts. First a dollar or two then to $5 and so on. Every month, I file a dispute which gets resolved right away. I’m surprised my Credit Card still allows them to charge my card. This is a scam. I never paid for any sort of coaching in my life.


What is ChangeLivesCoach.com?

As far as we can tell, it’s possible that it is a coaching website or platform designed to help individuals make positive changes in their lives. Changelivescoach.com offers courses, but it looks like garbage.

How do I contact ChangeLivesCoach.com?

ChangeLivesCoach.com’s enrollment phone number is 1-854-210-1079, but I tried calling several times throughout the day and all I get is a voicemail. This really is a scam.

What do I do to get my money back from ChangeLivesCoach.com?

Just file a dispute or claim with your credit card company. I do this every time and they give me back the money almost immediately.

Stay away from ChangeLivesCoach.com

Update : ChangeLivesCoach.com tried again to charge a sneaky $5.95 on my account

But this time, the account was frozen so it was a no go.

ChangeLivesCoach.com Fraudulent Charge