Man in Japan That Threw Acid on 22 Year Old’s Face Has Been Arrested

Hirotaka Hanamori, (25 year old) is suspected of throwing sulfuric acid at a 22 year old man at Tokyo Metro Co.’s Shirokane Takanawa Station in the capital’s Minato Ward on August 24th, 2021 Tuesday night.

Japan Acid Throwing Suspect
Japan Acid Throwing Suspect

What happened on August 24th, 2021 9pm

A man threw sulfuric acid on a 22-year old’s face at the Shirokane Takanawa Station. The man ran away and the 22-year old victim was left asking for help because he was unable to see.

The 22 year old victim sustained injuries to his face and eyes, which will require 6 months to heal, while a woman suffered burns on her legs.

Hirotaka Hanamori, who is from the city of Shizuoka, allegedly threw the acid at the man as he overtook him at an elevator. The woman received burns after slipping on the liquid on the floor.

Hirotaka Hanamori fled the station after the attack.

Investigators went to work and released these photos

Japan Acid Throwing Suspect

Media stated a male in his 30s to 50s and pretty well built (as in overweight in Japan).

Was it another case of an incel wanting someone to pay for his unhappiness?

Was it targeted or random?

Soon, investigators traced back and was able to find out this suspect had followed the 22-year old from his work to the train station.

Hirotaka Hanamori is arrested in Okinawa

After the incident, the suspect took a shinkansen bullet train from Shinagawa Station to return home the same day.

Hirotaka Hanamori as he was spotted on a security camera at Shizuoka Station on August 25th, 2021, Wednesday afternoon.

The #Tokyo #acidattack perpetrator, Hirotaka Hanamori (25), was arrested in Okinawa. He was in the same university social club as his victim (22).