How I Cleaned my IKEA Morabo Upholstered Sofa Couch Cushion to Make It Like New

I was very excited to buy the Ikea Morabo Couch. It’s been everything I’ve wanted, but the price was a tad bit too high. I was looking at $1300+ tax making it near $1500 with delivery cost. I love it, but at that price point, I could’ve bought the Crate and Barrel’s Petrie Sofa for a bit more. This is a story of how I bought a dirty used Morabo Couch and made it like new and you can do this too for your spills and stains on your beautiful upholstered sofa.

My Search for a used IKEA Morabo Sofa

So the search began. Craigslist, Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups, even Nextoor. IKEA Morabo is so common, but the ones available on the used market were mostly in grey. Some people bought it in leather too.

Then there it was! The perfect set.

Facebook Marketplace and the seller is saying it’s like new.

I inquired about it immediately asking if it’s stained or damaged.

Seller stating it’s less than a year old with no stains

I had to pick it up now. So I rented a Home Depot truck

Home Depot Truck I Rented for $19/75 mins

I gave her an ETA, she confirmed.

Then I arrived to the seller’s house.

She took about 10 mins to come out and shows me the dusty sofa sitting in the garage.

Immediately notice how dirty it is. Covered in dog hair and stains.

This is one of the Morabo cushions AFTER I cleaned much dog hair as I could

I was tired. Felt defeated. I rented a Home Depot truck and drove 30 mins for this.

One stain is one thing, but this sofa had stains on all 3 cushions! How do you even do that?

The seller tells me to take my time, but says she needs to go back to a meeting.

Clocks ticking, I’m definitely not going to make Home Depot’s 75 min cut off now.

Aww heck, $500 for an used Ikea Morabo. There are zippers on these things so I’m sure I can just throw it in the washer. Even if I can’t, I can use for a while and sell it, I can probably sell it for $300+. Fine, I’ll take it. Loaded it up and dropped it off at my place.

I hate how people post photos of what they’re selling WHEN they bought it. Aren’t you supposed to post a photo of the current condition? More I thought about it, I keep debating that I should’ve just taken the hit and walked from the deal.

Oh, also I didn’t make Home Depot’s cut off time so I was charged double the rental fee, still not bad.

How I cleaned my Morabo Upholstered Sofa

So the research begins. If you’re here, you probably know the cushion cover LOOKS like it comes off, but it doesn’t. There’s a bunch of pieces that is “upholstered into the cushion.” You can technically remove all of those and stitch them back up, but I wasn’t going to do that.

Having someone professionally clean it, I’m looking at $200+.

Renting a fabric cleaner, I’m looking at $35+

Buying a fabric cleaner, I’m looking at $100-150.

I decided to buy a fabric cleaner from Amazon for $150

The upholstery cleaner I bought – Bissell Little Green ProHeat Machine – Portable Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaner

How well did the Portable Upholstery Cleaner work on the Morabo Sofa?

The cleaning process was very easy. I’d say 10-20 mins a cushion. I basically sprayed the water/solution onto the entire cushion then started to use the water vacuum.

Water Vacuum sucking up the dirt

You repeat this a few times until the water you suck up is clear. My sofa cushions were really dirty so I had to run through it 2-3 times.

I was very skeptical that and expected the stains to be visible in some way, but the results were phenominal!

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning, but still soaked
I let all 3-pieces sit in the sun for 3 hours
Amazing! I can’t even tell where the stains were!
Now, it looks new.

So, for anyone that has stains on their upholstery, give these two a try

You should want to clean the whole cushion because you’ll have a partially clean cushion otherwise which might be add focus to the dirtier part.