DIY : How to Change the Dashboard Trim Color on your Tesla

This is a DIY (Do It Yourself) modification instruction on how to change your dash trim on the Model 3. Tesla currently offers their Tesla Model 3 in Black or White Trim. The black trim comes with a traditional brown wood look and the white comes with a white or ceramic wood look.

Premium Black Interior shows Wooden Dash Trim
Premium White Interior Shows Porcelain Wood Dash Trim
Interior Shows Black Wood Dash Trim
Carbon Fiber Wrap

What if you like neither and want to switch it to black wood, carbon, piano, chrome, marble, granite, whatever you like. You can change it easily!

Mod Estimated Time : 2 Hours

Step 1 : Buy the wrap you like. Trim needs to be at least 5ft (so buy a 6ft wrap)

Here are a few choices

Black Ash Wood Trim

Black Carbon

High Gloss Black Carbon

Matte Metallic Lava Red

Step 2 : Buy any plastic pry tool if you don’t have one

Step 3 : Wait for the items to arrive

Step 4 : Open your driver side door and use the plastic pry tool to remove dash trim side cover

Step 5 : Lift the Dash Trim Out

Step 6 : Do the same to the passenger’s side

Step 7 : Carefully remove entire dash trim out

Step 8 : Cut out the wrap to your trim size

Cut it slightly bigger. The idea is to wrap around and cut off any excess

Step 9 : Wrap the wood trim with your wrap

Use a card to push out any air bubbles and to get edges

Use a hair dryer to make the wrap tight fit

Step 10 : Put the dash trim back on

Step 11 : Put both the dash trim covers back on

Step 12 : You’re Done! Admire your work!

Other examples

After Wrap in Black Wood Wrap

You’re done!