Check your Model 3 – List of Problems on Delivery

Sofyan Bey from Redline Reviews reserved and bought a Tesla Model 3 in August 2018. Being a Youtube car reviewer, this spoke volumes for the Tesla Model 3. Sofyan expected some trouble with the car from all the noise online, but didn’t expect so much. His Tesla Model 3 has been at the service center longer than it’s been in his hands since delivery. Here’s a compilation of his issues.

#1 Paint Quality Issues

Sofyan Bey's Tesla Model 3

Tesla doesn’t paint their vehicles in a sterile environment resulting in several dust particles getting in the way resulting in imperfect paint. Especially noticeable once you wash your car

Tesla Model 3 Door Paint Imperfection
Noticeable paint imperfection on side door

#2 Roof Panel Glass Sloppy Cutting

Roof Panel Sloppy Cut

The glass roof had jagged edges. Tesla admitted the issue and the service center replaced the glass

Roof Glass showing sloppy cut
Roof showing sloppy Cut

#3 Rear Quarter Panel Paint Damage

Rear Quarter Panel Key Scratch
Rear Quarter Panel Key Scratch

There was what looked like a key scratch on the rear quarter panel. Was fixed by the service center

#4 Service Center Damaged the Paint

Paint scratched by service center

Service center scratched the paint with what looked like sand paper. Every time issues came up, the Model 3 was back in the shop for another week+.

Sand paper scratch on Model 3
Really noticeable on the rocker panel on the driver’s side

#5 Chrome Trims didn’t line up

Chrome Trim Not Lining Up

Chrome trim or the door panel not lining up is a common issue in Teslas. People debate whether this is excusable or not. For a $60k+ car, it’s not excusable.

Chrome Trim Not Lining Up
Chrome Trim Not Lining Up

#6 Summon feature doesn’t work all the time

Summon not working
Summon not working

Summon feature doesn’t work every time. It’ll stop at “Connecting to your vehicle…” so be warned when you want to show it off to your friends. It may not function. Tesla states it’s in beta mode.

#7 Service center is going through service hell and may take a long time to fix issues

If you have any issues with your Tesla whether it’s an accident to a minor paint fix, it can take at least a week to get your car into the shop. So many Teslas were delivered in a short time and Tesla is still adjusting their service centers to handle the massive demand.

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