Why Model 3 Wiper Blades Make Noise and how to fix it

There are two issues going around with Teslas’ wiper blades. One is with squeaking or skipping the front window. The other is the blades going too far or too close back home that it bumps against the limit.

Why Model 3 wiper blade is skipping / squeaking against the window

Skipping Issue

This is caused by RainX or a similar solution being applied to your window. RainX repels water and it does the same to your wiper blade causing it to bounce off your front windshield

Why Tesla Wiper Blade is Making Thumping or Clicking Noises

Model S Wiper Blades Noise

This is caused by the wiper blade component simply not calibrated. Check around the base of the wiper blade to make sure there isn’t an object obstructing it from moving all the way. If not, make an appointment with the Tesla Service Center to get this fixed.