As more Model 3s get purchased, Tesla Supercharger Stations are Getting Fuller and Angrier

Tesla built 40 stations in Kettleman City, but that’s still not enough to meet the recent release of Tesla Model 3s. This is at the current rate with people still using their 6 months free referral program. Imagine how many people are still waiting for the magical $35,000 Model 3. Expect a wait time and a line possibly worse than the Costco gas line Tesla owners always make fun of.

Tesla Supercharger Stations Full with Line

Tesla started to combat this by charging idle fees so people would leave as soon as they were done charging. This doesn’t run cheap.

Supercharger Idle Fees
Supercharger Idle Fees

Imagine going out for a drink and falling asleep to come back next morning to be charged $500 for parking overnight. Best practice is to use the Supercharger for a short time while you browse on your phone to get enough charge for your next stop.

Dispute over which person gets to go next

Tesla relies on the owners to figure out lining up for the supercharger. Multiple lines are forming or there are some drivers that believe their time’s more important than others. This is resulting in arguments like the one above.

Dear Tesla / Elon : Please come up with a Supercharger queue system. This is only going to be worse as the standard range Model 3 gets released and more people without a garage rely on the Tesla supercharger