Windows Cracking on the Model 3

Tesla owners have been reporting cracks showing up on their cars.  Whether you live in an area where the temperature changes drastically or you play your music loudly or drive on bumpy roads, take a close look at your glasses.

Tesla Window Crack
Tesla Window Crack

Luckily,  That will result in replacement. My glass developed a stress crack like that in the same position about 3 days after delivery.

Tesla Glass Crack Comment
Tesla Glass Crack Comment

Wish Tesla would stress test their cars.  They really rushed their cars out without adequate QA.  Either that or their QA team needs a re-haul.

Model 3 Cracked Roof
Crack on the roof! No sign of impact. Very disappointed for a car with 350 miles on it. Any idea how long it would take to fix this?
Tesla Logo Shaped Crack on Window
Glass stress fracture on top of the driver and passenger seats like a Tesla logo.
Model 3 Window Scratches
2 scratches since the delivery day. Tesla will replace it for free but it’s on a back order (4 to 8 weeks).