Model 3 being delivered with damages like an used car

After pre-ordering and waiting a few months, imagine if you get a car that was pre-owned.

“Had to reject delivery on my awd model 3 because of paint scuffs and Crack on roof. Now I have to wait but after speaking with the delivery manager they tried their hardest to get me in a different color or even a white interior. I just wasn’t feeling a non red but them trying to get me in a 3 or even find some other dealers who had what I wanted blew me out the waters.

I feel this car might have been a reject since all other cars had their protective film and was like right off the truck feel. This just felt dirty and they didn’t even clean it properly. Sigh”

Interior imperfection
Seats with scuffs
Carpets look used
Scratch on roof

Would you take this delivery?  This just looks used.  One may argue that these kinds of damages / ware would eventually occur, but no one wants to pick this up after months of waiting and paying $60,000+.  That kind of money is a lot of money for almost anyone shopping for a Model 3.