Model 3s still being delivered with faded paints and scuffs and dents

Still after almost a year since the Tesla Model 3 release, they are still being delivered with paint imperfections.

We’re now seeing buyers stuck with scuffs and dents in order to qualify for the $7500 tax credit.

Model 3 delivered with dent
My parents had theirs delivered today. Had a dent but they kept it so they can get the $7500 and just schedule to get it fixed. Will you get another one before end of year? That looks like something that can get fixed.

Stand strong.  Have Tesla either take notes or just don’t accept the delivery.  Tesla will eventually go back to their assembly line to get this perfected… hopefully

Next up is a Tesla Model 3 with the $2500 red paint option coming with paint chips and uneven paint

model 3 paint chip
Chip underneath headlight
Paint damage
More paint imperfections
Scuffed paint for Model 3
Scuffed paint for Model 3

Please Tesla.  Get this assembly line fixed.  It just adds more work for both the customer and the service center