Model 3s are being vandalized everywhere

A hot sexy car comes with bitter jealous onlookers.  Many Tesla Model 3s are finding their beautiful cars vandalized.

3 seconds with a key and can cause $1000s in damages.

Tesla Model 3 Key Vandalism
Keyed on the side door
Tesla Model 3 Scratched
Keyed on side panel
Model 3 Charge Door Broken
Someone ripped open the charge door
Model 3 Bumper Scratch
Kicked or just hit?

Owner of the car above seems to believe it was intentionally done.  

My 3 was vandalized at the mall. Someone kicked my bumper scraping off some paint off of it, there were shoe marks on it, infuriating 😡

and get ready for this one…. it’s painful to look at

Tesla Model 3 Vandalism
Tesla Model 3 Vandalism

The damaged done to this Blue Model 3 is like the one where someone is found dead with 30 stab wounds.  The owner must’ve cheated on someone with their mother or father.  This isn’t a normal Tesla hater’s work.  It’s keyed with a vengeance.  If you look closely, some areas are really dug in. 

If it was a simple EV or Tesla hater, they would’ve written a message a little nicer like the following

Model 3 Oil Rules
Oil Rules written in dust
Charles Le's Model 3
This owner was apparently hit twice which suggests it was not a random act

Park where cameras can see you or park far away where your car is alone and bad people would think twice before walking all the way over.

Model 3 Validalized with a Screwdriver?
I have no idea how this happened but it’s right down to the metal. And it’s really clean too.
Model 3 BB Gunned

This one looks like someone shot it with a BB Gun. Someone decided they didn’t like my car I guess.  Haven’t contacted insurance yet. Not sure what I want to do. It’s deep. Looks like it almost pierced the sheet metal.