ICE always at gas stations, Tesla always at the Service Center

Tesla at one time calculated the time saved not going to the gasoline station into the math of why Teslas are worth buying. Certainly, cars with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) has to spend time gassing up and changing their oil, but most Tesla Model 3 owners has taken a few trips to the service center for minor fixes.

Elon Musk tweeted the following

If you think of the root problem, it’s that so many people call the service center to schedule an appointment only to be told the waitlist is a month long (for now) that they have asked their mobile app engineer to build a scheduling application.

If there was a solid QA process to begin with, there would be less cars in the service center.

Tesla Service Center
Tesla Service Center Parking

Depending on your location and proximity to a service center, the pain differs, but every time you feel an issue in the Model 3, the owner must

  • Prep the car (empty it out)
  • Deliver or have the car picked up
  • Pickup or have the car delivered
  • Test and QA the car
  • Have a car to use while your car is in service. Many Model 3 owners are reporting loaners are not given to them

There are bad eggs in the ICE automobile field too, but it’s rare to go to Toyota / Honda ESPECIALLY IN THE FIRST YEAR.

Tesla Service Center Model 3s
Model 3s Lined Up at Service Center