Listen to Brandon Havard’s Model 3 Service Center Story

Brandon Havard is a young man that was happy to be a Tesla Model 3 owner.  After the honeymoon stage, he noticed the imperfections and mistakes in the car and took it to the service center.  Here’s his history

Loaner by Tesla during service is a courtesy…

The service rep told Brandon that a loaner is a courtesy and usually reserved for Tesla Model S and X owners.  Current Model 3 owners mostly paid just as much or even more than some Model S owners but will not get the same treatment.  A $60,000 car does not deserve you a loaner while a $20,000 Honda Civic could get you a loaner at the Honda dealership.

Brandon’s story is not an isolated case.  Many other Tesla Model 3 owners have said they were either given an ICE car or simply told to wait if they needed a loaner.

Lack of communication from the service center

Despite calling Tesla and being told they would call back when the Model 3 was ready, Brandon never heard back from the service center.  After finally getting in touch with the sales rep, he was told the car was ready that same day he dropped it off.

This is once again not an isolated case.  Other owners have reported not hearing back from the Tesla service center.  It’s certainly not a problem if they gave you a loaner, but it was in Brandon’s case.

Service Center banging things into place like a caveman

Brandon explains how a worker went into his car with his dirty gloves and just forcefully banged things into place.  The worker left dirty marks on his white leather.  This would explain why all the other issues occur.  Things are just banged into place.  Damages occur and work must go on.

“It’s an known issue” is starting to become Tesla’s first pass on issues

Brandon’s seat was never fixed due to it being an known issue.

Tesla never fixed the windshield problem

Brandon updated his video with Windshield is NOT fixed… They told me it was, and upon driving the day after, it has yet again appeared! Wish me luck on my 3rd service appointment. 🙂

Brandon Havard’s Tesla Story