Tesla is trying to charge customers for Warranty Repairs

Tesla service center is now pushing back on warranty repairs stating “it’s up to spec” and now trying to charge customers for basic warranty repairs.

Customer Service Step 1 : Charge the customer for taking a look at the car

Many people have reported on Facebook groups and Reddit posts that they have been asked to pay to even take a look at your repair claim.

Step 2 : Tell the customer the car is “up to spec” or try to find cars with similar issues nearby to say it’s normal

Randy P received his car in August, 2019 and had several issues with delivery. Here’s his experience

I got my model 3 delivered August 2nd. I find interior rips, door/window gap, marks on the windshield that do not wash off, ripped c pillar door gaskets, trunk seam sealer, dent in front quarter panel. I make an appointment the next day for mobile service.

I set a mobile appointment at the nearest time possible august 13. A day before the appointment i get a txt saying they need to unschedule my appointment bc mobile service wont be able to perform the work.

I reschedule for august 22 and send Brandi photos that failed to send alot but went through.

Day before service:
I am sent a customer pay form to agree and sign. I was shocked to see then try to make me pay for the damages on delivery. I called Brandi who apparently works in the non customer facing side of kato terrace service. She ignores my call. I call the kato terrace service center directly and a man named “G” no last name, tells me the agreement is just an estimate and i will not pay anything. The work order was missing the c pillar gasket and ripped fabric. But i signed anyway bc it was just an estimate.

On august 22 i arrive at my appointment on time. They keep the doors locked right up until the last minute of when they open. Even if there are people waiting outside the waiting room.

Ali Han the service guy who tried to help me was trying to refute the defects i pointed out saying stuff like “thats just a small rip” and “lets see if this other car has that crack” NO a new car should not have any of these whether or not if they are on another new defective car.

I was also told i could get a due bill at the service center but Ali refused like his life depended on it.

Ali told me all due bills are handled by delivery guy, so i call up my delivery guy on speaker infront of all the service staff and Mark(delivery guy) says all info is in the paperwork and he cant help me. Who do i go by here??? All the service people are now laughing at me and Ali and another kind service lady tries to help Ali look for records of me reporting the issue. They find my original august 13 appointment but they cant seem to prove i reported this issue within the 72 hours of delivery.

Im about to drive to the Fremont factory showroom and get my damn due bill. I aint paying for shit and if this continues, even though the car itself is great when it works, i wont be buying a Tesla again. They have a careless after delivery attitude.

– Randy P. – Owner of Model 3 as of August 2019
Card can get in between window seal
Damage on the interior

Here’s another story from Don L

My son-in-law rides to work with me about 60% of the time. Last week he mentioned that the headrest looked rather bad. I took a look and said WOW! I’ve never seen a headrest do this nor have I ever seen any seat part do it especially on a car less than a year old.

I scheduled a service appointment with Tesla and they asked to see the photo. I sent it to them and they replied that it wouldn’t be covered by warranty. I’ve asked why but so far gotten no response.

What do you all think?

I guarantee his hair didn’t have anything special in it and all he did was put his head back.

Don L.
This isn’t the only time

Step 3 : Tesla will try to charge you for warranty repair

Matt P. tried to have his door handles which didn’t operate properly repaired and Tesla tried to charge him $242.50. After complaining that it should be warranty covered, he was able to reverse the charges

Does anyone know why Tesla mobile service is trying to charge me for a door handle that’s not retracting properly? I can still open and close the door, but it sounded like a screw fell out and then the handle started retracting rapidly and it makes a loud noise. Wouldn’t this be covered under warranty? I received my car last September.

Stand firm if you are told it’s “up to spec”

People have mixed experiences. If you stand firm then Tesla will repair the issues.

Stand firm that you are not paying for the repair and that it should be covered by warranty

You will magically receive a new invoice with a $0 fee