Model 3 delivered with missing emblems and badges

Something new to add to your checklist of things to watch for on new deliveries.  This Tesla Model 3 was delivered in December 2018 and was missing the badge / emblem.  The buyer had a sense of humor about it, but can the workers take a quick walk around to check off some basics before delivering?

Tesla Missing Badges
Tesla Missing Badges

I just get it today, home delivery since I don’t have time to pick it up. I bet you know what brand it is? 🙂 🙂
Just want to play with you guys… Tesla forgot to stick the logo on. After signing off the papers, I looked around for a last check and felt missing something but I could’t point it out. Then I smiled and told the delivery guy “I don’t know what car I just bought”. when he heard me said that he checked again and pointed out the missing part and said “Dam… we forgot to put Logo for you”. I heard him said and I laughed my ass off.
Even though there are few errors, but I still love the M3.

How professional of Tesla employees.

Model 3 Delivery
Model 3 Delivery
Beautiful Interior
Beautiful Model 3 Interior

Why does the customer need to be responsible for doing the QA’s work of walking around the car and checking every basic parts?

This would be a benefit if you are one of the rare buyers that plan to do a wrap or de-badge your Tesla.  These badges can be bought/sold on eBay for about $10-20 a piece.

If this was a budget experimental car, it’s understandable, but customers are still paying $50,000-60,000 for the Tesla Model 3!  Please Tesla, get your QA act together.