Model 3 Frunk Unable to Close

An owner opened his front trunk to not be able to close it.  Service center came to force it closed and damaged the paint while doing so.

And the QA issues continue….

I opened my front trunk yesterday and the bolt came loose!!

The hinge on my driver side front trunk came out. I can’t close it at all. 

I called Tesla to get it fixed. Their tow truck came out to tow it out. The driver said he needed to close the trunk in order to tow it safely. So he forced it closed, and scraped the paint on the hinges , due to the fact that the front trunk was not aligned and loose. 

Tesla promised to call me today in the AM, but nope. No call. 

So I decided to come to service to see what’s up. 

Such a frustrating experience dealing with all the issues. I feel like I paid $$ to beta test for them.

You opened it wrong or the bolt is a totally spare and/or unnecessary part :). Take your pick. Whatever makes you feel better

When was the last time you heard that someone opened the trunk wrong?  How do you open a trunk the wrong way?  You just, open it up!