Tesla Model 3 Seats Breaking

Imagine waiting months and paying 2-3x of a standard well tested car only to have a flashy car where all corners were cut in to make Tesla a profitable company

One may argue the money is going to a company that is trying to change the world.  But a good portion of us would be angry as this person

Not trying to be a negative Model 3 owner, it’s an Awesome car but…….I waited 2yrs and 17 days for this car. My seat broke within 2 weeks. It’s now 6 months later SEVERAL repair attempts, multiple “lost” orders for a new seat and I am utterly, completely, frustrated. Trying to deal with Tesla when you have a problem is a Nightmare 🤬 I want them to take it back and let’s start over!!!!!!!

It’s mostly cosmetic, but there is some discomfort at times something poking my rear end 🤭 Tesla will try a “third party repair” WTF!

Model 3 Seat Bracket Breakage
Model 3 Seat Bracket Breakage

Other owners have stated this has happened but said it’s because they were overweight.

I’ve seen many posts about this issue (side plastic popping off) happening to others. Apparently it happens if you sit on the edge of the seat and weigh more than a scarecrow. Seems like the only suggested fix is to weigh less, and/or magically teleport yourself into the seat without putting pressure on the side bolster 🙁