Check your Model 3 before signing! Cars are still being delivered with panel gaps

Dhvani picked up her long awaited Tesla Model 3 on March 31st, 2019. After careful examination, she found several panel gaps and paint scratches

Customer service is a nightmare!!!! Got the delivery on Sunday with the whole unaligned driver side and wide gaps in headlights, doors, trunk door, frunk door, tail lights everything. There are also some paint scratches.

Clear Panel Gap in the tail light

Called customer service and they said to schedule an appointment with service center. We took it to Atlanta service center there they said they can’t fix it as it will mess up the Functionality of the car and won’t be covered by warranty. Calling and emailing the delivery advisor at Tesla for past 3 days and we are not getting any reply or phone calls back from him. Called customer service and they are saying only our delivery advisor can help us as he knows your delivery issues.

I mentioned them about bringing car to the service center and them not fixing it. They said now I will have to make an appointment with Mobile technician which will take few days and I will be out of 7 days return window. I simply asked for the car to be exchanged with a different normal looking car. They said in order to do that we will have to process a return and then buy new one with current price. How is that making sense? Is this normal kind of service?

Lesson : Take your time to examine the car before signing your paper and taking delivery

You’re not being picky. People return $50 clothes for small defects, why would you be ok with defects on a $40,000 purchase?

Reject the delivery or return it and have Tesla fix this issue.