Hold off on buying a Model Y – Several Quality Control Issues

Tesla released their compact SUV, Model Y a bit early. Customers are now getting their deliveries, but are met with several quality control issues. We recommend holding off a few months until Tesla can work through all these quality control issues.

March 27th Delivery

Beautiful Model Y
Panel Gap?
Slight misalignment
This doesn’t look so bad, but apparently they feel the bumper is too squished onto the fender piece

March 30th Delivery

Scratches on the window trip
That’s a bad gap
Bad finish
Panel Gap
Patch job
Seat cushion looks forced in
Seat imperfection

March 30th – Performance Model Y

Scratch on the rim
Paint chip
More paint chips
Seats with marks

Stealth Performance with FSD

Beautiful Model Y
Some scratches on the chair
More scratches on the chair
Some overall imperfections on the backseat
Panel Gap

Broken Mirror

To be fair, this happens when you move your chair up on the Model 3. This person claims it came this way

Here is a March 25th Delivery

I got mine on 3/25 and going to send it to Fremont service center tomorrow. Here are the issues that I found so far. Hope you guys don’t have to go through these like me.1. Trunk won’t lock after auto close. About 75% failure rate.2. Can’t log in my account on YouTube due to browser not secure.3. Not able to charge with L2 charger. Happened twice already. The issue went away right after I plug in a supercharger.4. Lots of stain on the over head interior. 5. Touch screen went crazy one time. Fixed by resetting the system.

Beautiful Model Y
Some scratches
Minor scratches
Water stain?

Tesla Said “Take it or leave it” to this next buyer

Minor scratch on the chair
Imperfection on the back
Paint chip
Door handle looks deep

Broken/Missing Clips on the Frunk

March 30th Delivery

Paint chip
Someone with dirty gloves must’ve pressed these in
Some panel gaps