Be Careful! Suction Cup will Damage Model 3 Center Console

Tesla Model 3’s beautiful piano glossy center console was simply a light film on top of plastic. An owner by the name of L N sent a warning to other Model 3 or Tesla owners in general.

The glossy black plastic isn’t what I thought it was. It is actually a film over matte plastic. Who would’ve thought mounting something on it would ruin it?? Oh, and I tried looking for just a replacement cover for this, but it seems like junkyards and people who are parting out Teslas sell the whole console for about $450.

Solution #1 : Wrap your Model 3 Console before sticking the suction cup mount

You can buy a wrap to cover the center console for $39.99 including shipping from Amazon

  • Specially design each piece for faster installation time, better result, and less prone to mistakes
  • Pre-cut backing paper for faster and easier installation compared to other kits in the market
  • No need to use razor blade to trim off extra material. The only tool you need is the provided squeegee!
  • Easy to follow and short installation video available
Center Console Wrap
Center Console Wrap

Solution #2 : Mount your smartphone in a different location

You can buy a phone mount specifically designed for the Model 3 on Amazon

Model 3 Smartphone Mount
Model 3 Smartphone Mount

Not a Solution : Software Update