Back Up Camera Screen Showing Green Vertical Line

Backup or Reverse Camera displaying a green line is a known issue and Tesla Service Center will NOT fix your camera or display.

Some Tesla Model 3s are seeing a green line in the reverse camera screen. Owners have brought this up to the Tesla service center, but was told that it’s a known issue and will not be fixed.

Does anyone else have vertical green lines in their screen when they put their car in reverse? I do not have any lines any other time. I talk to Tesla service in Raleigh NC and they said there is no fix for this.

Green Line in Monitor
Can you spot it?
Green Line in Monitor
Green Line in Monitor

Another owner stated the following

Back up cam (and the built in dash) display poorly in low light situations, besides the green and purple lines, I also get triply color shifts under some conditions and reflections. I’ve read that though the video output is poor, these cams are better for machine vision (AP) with a wider dynamic range that doesn’t show well on the otherwise excellent screen.

Let’s hope Tesla will get a different supplier for the rear backup camera for future Model 3s.