How to Fix Tesla Model 3 Door Squeaking Noise

Some Tesla Model 3 owners are claiming that their doors are making squealing noises when they open or close the door. This usually happens when Tesla doesn’t apply as much grease in between the hinges.

Example of door noise

There are 3 solutions you can try for the squeaking door noise

  • WD-40 – Apply WD-40 to the hinges. Easily spray on. However, this may not be a long term solution
  • Lithium Grease – Buy lithium grease from Amazon for $3.99 which is a longer term solution
  • Have Tesla’s service tech – this is the easiest and cleanest. More importantly will send a message to Tesla to make sure to apply proper door hinge greasing. This issue has been on and off from Model S days. Wait time for service center may be long.