Trunk Lid Interior Plastic Falls Off

QA or the builders need to be monitored carefully.  Never in my history of sitting in other people’s old beat up cars or driving several cars have I EVER had the interior trunk piece come off.

Quality control at Tesla really needs change

Anyone else had the plastic cover inside the trunk door completely fall off when you opened the trunk? 😀

Trunk Lid Plastic Snapped Back on
Trunk Lid Plastic Snapped Back on

Edit* This in no way changes my overwhelmingly positive opinion of the car. It was just a simple matter of a few push clips that were not properly installed and caused the rest to pop out after a few times opening and closing it. Now that the are installed it is very secure and should never have an issue. Very minor QC issue on an excellent car.

We don’t consider a plastic piece not being properly secured to be a very minor Quality Control issue.