Model 3 Break-ins and Theft Still Going Strong After Sentry Mode Release

Tesla launched and pushed out Sentry Mode which was built to protect against all the break-ins and thefts occurring every hour.

Defeated #1 : Seat Lock

Drop-Lock was a promising little device, but didn’t stop thieves from breaking your window and yanking on the rear seats anyways. There’s also a removal tool if the thieves were doing research, can have one handy

Defeated #2 : Window Stickers

The problem is that the thieves simply don’t care. They are full of adrenaline creeping in the dark, looking inside your car window. What decal you have on your Model 3 window is not their concern

Model 3 Seats Locked Sticker
Model 3 Security Sticker Useless

At least the thieve honored the sticker and broke the main passenger window instead. This probably ended up costing more. The owner of the car, Victor got it on both sides because he used a baby seat to save his trunk.

Model 3 Security Sticker Useless

Defeated #3 : Sentry Mode

This was a solution by Tesla / Elon Musk

Tesla Break-In Response

Being released into the wild, Sentry mode is a Tesla feature where the car will record activities around the car when motion is detected. This monitor your car’s environment while it’s parked. This has yet to capture any useful footage. Thieves are aware of cameras being everywhere so they wear hoodies to cover their face and usually operate at night.

Sentry Mode Activated
Sentry Description