Sentry Mode Works! Construction Workers Caught Denting a Model 3

Sentry mode has received a fair share of criticism. The video quality being too grainy to capture faces or even license plate numbers. It does however help incases where it’s your neighbor or people you know nearby that damages your car. Watch this video

Construction going on across the street from where I parked. Got a alert Sentry alarm was trigged so when I came home I found a nice dent on the rear panel. Sentry mode to the rescue. Truck driver and whole construction crew denied it was them. I told them I have you on video and then they all started singing like canary’s pointing fingers at each other. Without the sentry mode I would have been paying for this out of my own pocket. Are there any honest people left in this world?

Model 3 Dent Damage

The damage has been done, but without Sentry mode, the criminals would have just gotten away.

Sentry mode is VERY useful in this case!