Homeless Guy Throws a Scooter at Model 3

This is proof that a Tesla Model 3 looks nice even to someone that doesn’t know what it is.

So… homeless guy throws one of those rental scooters on top of my moonroof (the front panel only is damaged I hope) and shatters it – unprovoked btw.

Guy was arrested within 2 minutes. My office has it all on video.

I waited 2 years and 2 days for the car and now this.

Sob story aside – anyone have experience with how long it will take the body shop to get the glass? I was warned I could be looking at 4 months…

Thanks for reading and if anyone has had any misfortune plz let me know so I know what to expect while I borrow a car for X many weeks/months.

Down side to Tesla ownership is the expensive cost of repair and the long wait. Prepare to be eyed with pity for a long time.

As an comparison, I’ve had broken moonroofs on a Honda and it was replaced in a few hours.